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Put A Blurb On It

May 20, 2020

Ardo and Yash interviewed the author behind their favourite mystery series featuring the swoony Esa Khattak and kickass Rachel Getty: Ausma Zehanat Khan! She's also the author of The Khorasan Archives fantasy series which will have its final book, The Bladebone, released on October 6! It's available for pre-order. They discussed the mystery series (obvs), what draws Ausma to the mystery and fantasy genres, how she’s spending her time in quarantine and the book she'd like to blurb.

We recorded this interview via Zoom to ensure social distancing. When we refer to "quarantine", we mean staying away 6 feet apart as per social distancing and mostly, sheltering in place. Please adhere to your local healthcare recommendations with regards to COVID-19 and the ongoing pandemic. There are local bookstores doing curbside pick-ups and delivery through online and/or phone orders but please call ahead to see if your local bookstore is among them. Libraries also offer ebooks. 

The logo was designed by Nick Hanover. The theme song and break music is from Haris Qureshi’s song Give AF. You can find his album here. Everything mentioned in the episode can be found on Goodreads. You can also find the podcast on Twitter and Instagram at @PutABlurbOnIt.