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Put A Blurb On It

May 28, 2018

This episode was intended for the first week of May but thanks to TCAF, VANcaf and the start of Ramadan, Ardo and Yash were swamped! Have no fear! They're releasing both May episodes before the month ends starting with this one!

It's their first host only episode in a while. They discuss book related news which includes brief thoughts on Infinity War and HarperCollins Canada's Frenzy Presents event. Then they chat about what they're reading, this year's Canada Reads and the re-reading experience.

Episode Timecodes

  • News (0 - 10:35)
  • Books we've read, currently reading and will read (10:35 and onwards)
    • Conversation on re-reading (13:09 - 17:31)  
    • The Marrow Thieves and Canada Reads 2018 (24:08 - 34:58)

The logo was designed by Nick Hanover. The theme song and break music is from Haris Qureshi’s song Give AF. You can find his album here. Everything mention in the episode can be found on Goodreads. You can also find the podcast on Twitter and Instagram at @PutABlurbOnIt.